Rhei – Everything Flows

D A N C E   T H E A T R E


Inspired by the concept of continuous movement in Heraclitus’ philosophy.

A collaboration of dance, music and video art.

“Everything flows”… Continuous movement… From rivers to blood, from the smallest particles of matter to the endless universe, from intrapersonal relationships to whole societies… All this constant movement and change, and therefore life itself, is dramatized in an inventive way through contemporary choreographies, music and video art.

This performance is a creation of ECHODRAMA Cultural Group, in cooperation with well-known choreographers and dancers with professional experience in Greece and abroad (England, France, Germany, Cuba), graduates of professional schools of dance abroad, the National School of Dance Art, the Greek National Opera, as well as professional dance schools of Greece. The original music score of the performance and the powerful video art are reinforcing the dramaturgy of the performance.

Duration: 60′

Ticket price: €16
Children under 12: €8

Production credits:

Music:ionnix (Yannis Pisimisis)
Choreography Supervisor:Daniela Pisimisi
Choreographies:Daniela Pisimisi and dancers
Dramaturgy:Sevi Dimitriadou
Phaedra Pisimisi
Dancers:Phaedra Pisimisi
Yorgos Papadopoulos
Javier Ojeda Hernández
Kelly Rapti
Stavros Boutsikas
Daniela Pisimisi
Nikos Damo
Elisa Marschall
Darwin Diaz
Video Art:SK Audio & Light
Philippos Padazopoulos
Labrini Katsaounou,
Yorgos Katsaounis
Επιμέλεια φωτισμού:Antonis Kissouras

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