Asia Minor

Everything here exists to bring memories

A dance-theatre performance enriched with contemporary music and songs inspired by writers and poets who wrote about the Asia Minor Catastrophe.

Duration: 60′

Ticket price: €16
Children under 12: €8

Production credits:

Dramaturgy, direction :Sevi Dimitriadou
Music compoitions and songs:Yannis Pisimisis
Dancers-choreographers:Nikos Damo
Stavros Boutsikas
Yorgos Papadopoulos
Daniela Pisimisi
Phaedra Pisimisi
Kelly Rapti
Singing, vocals:Anastasia Hadjipavlou
Musicians:Othonas Mpikakis (lyra)
Andreas Fasakis (laouto)
Yannis Pisimisis (synthesizers, percussion)
Lighting Design:Dimitris Tsolakis
Costume Design:Labrini Katsaounou
Yorgos Katsiaounos

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